Hi, I'm Kitty! 
...although you've probably worked that out by now! I am a graphic designer, having recently graduated from the University of South Wales, in Cardiff, with a first-class honours degree in BA Graphic Communication. I have a huge passion for all things branding and campaign. 
As a designer, creating connections is really important to me, both through the brands and campaigns I create and how I work by creating personal connections with those around me. My aim is to help people and businesses achieve their full potential by pushing creative boundaries to create innovative solutions to problems.
Oh, and this is Angus... my rather cute Australian Labradoodle!
About the brand... 
The use of my initials, KVM, overlapping represents the connection I am aiming to provide. 
The colours of the brand represent my traits both personally and professionally, the use of blue signifies my trustworthiness, pink represents my passion for design and the creativity I have, to enable me to push boundaries. Yellow portrays my cheerfulness and confidence within my design abilities and beyond. 
The design takes inspiration from the Swiss design movement (an area I am particularly inspired by), in both colour palette and use of shape and repeating pattern.
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